PRESS STATEMENT: Spot the Difference: Identifying the Genuine vs. Fake NDDC Project HOPE Websites

In response to the alarming rise in fraudulent activities involving a counterfeit NDDC "Project HOPE" empowerment scheme, the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) offers this guide to help you distinguish between the fake and the genuine NDDC Project HOPE websites.

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??????: The sham website can be found at
?????????? ????????????: It impersonates an official NDDC platform, promising "Youth Data Registration" and "Niger Delta Skills Database."
???????? ????????????????????????: This site illicitly requests personal information, educational certificates, and other sensitive data, falsely implying registration for nonexistent opportunities.
???? ??????????????????????: This website is not connected with NDDC or any of our legitimate programs.
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??????: The authentic NDDC Project HOPE website is
???????????????? ??????????????????????: All legitimate information and opportunities related to NDDC and its initiatives are available here.
???????????????? ??????????????????????: This is the only NDDC-sanctioned online platform for Project HOPE-related activities.
?????? ???? ???????? ????????:
?????????? ???????? ????????????????????: Do not provide personal information or respond to requests from the fraudulent website.
???????????? ???? ?????????? ????????????????: Refrain from divulging details or making payments for securing positions in non-existent schemes.
???????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????????: If you come across the fraudulent website, report it to local authorities.
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• We are committed to providing genuine opportunities for the youth of the Niger Delta, which will always be communicated through our verified channels.
• Security agencies are actively investigating these fraudulent activities, and we are determined to protect the public and the integrity of the NDDC.
Your awareness, cooperation, and assistance in spreading this information are crucial in preventing the exploitation of innocent individuals by these scams.
Thank you for your vigilance and continued support.

Pius Ughakpoteni
Director, Corporate Affairs
December 7, 2023. 

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